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Malinda Malone, Owner Diamond Pet CPR Training


Malinda Malone, Certified Master PetTech® Instructor, will be teaching all courses. She has been a Master instructor since 2010 (Master Instructor Level Trainers are certified to teach others who wish to become instructors and have completed additional rigorous course work to do so). In 1998, Malinda moved to Phoenix from Southern California and became a pet groomer at a local veterinarian. Being a groomer in a Vet office sparked her passion for pet safety. Prior to that she was a reserve police officer. Her main goal in law enforcement was always to serve the people in her community and make a difference in their lives. When she began working with animals, her goal was the same. Help pet owners take better care of their pets so they can live a longer, better quality life.





Why Chose PetTech®?

Malinda chose PetTech® as they are the first international training center dedicated to Pet CPR & First Aid care for dogs and cats. By teaching these important skills over 20 years, PetTech® trained clients have helped save the lives of thousands of pets in emergency situations!

What sets PetTech® apart from other training? PetTech® courses are in-person, offering hands on training with a certified instructor. Practicing these vital skills in a classroom setting is the only way to ensure you understand and learn the proper skills.  We help students to feel comfortable with the information and hands-on protocols so they can assess and act in an emergency situation.

According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), one-out-of-four pets would survive if just one pet first aid technique was applied prior to getting emergency veterinary care.

Get prepared – and provide the best possible care for YOUR pet!


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