About Diamond Pet CPR Training

My name is Malinda and have been a pet groomer in Phoenix, Arizona since 1998. Prior to that I was a reserve police officer and worked at two universities in their campus safety departments.

My main goal in law enforcement was to serve people and make a difference in their lives.

Now working with animals my goal is the same.


In 2009, Malinda became a certified PetTech® Instructor to teach pet owners and pet professionals cpr and first aid for pets.

In 2010, Malinda became a Master Instructor. This allows her to teach people to become instructors. Malinda’s goal is to give pet owners and pet professionals the gift of knowledge to make a difference in their pet’s lives.

The 3 day course Malinda completed prepared her to teach the skills necessary to help people to possibly save their pets. 

The course included:

  • PetSaver™ Training
  • Marketing & Promoting the PetTech® Family of Programs
  • PetTech® Product Information
  • Instructor Requirements
  • Admin Policies & Procedures
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Lecture Presentation and Course Organization
  • Team Teaching
  • Corrective Coaching Exercise
  • Pre & Post Training Assignments
  • Skill & Lecture Presentations