Certified Pet Tech® Instructor Training 3 Days


Course Date and Time:

September 26, 27, 28 2020

Course Location:

Academy of Pet Careers
16834 Chesterfield Airport Rd

Chesterfield, Missouri 63005


Certified Pet Tech® Instructor Training Curriculum

The PetTech® Instructor Training is a comprehensive, 40+ hour program that includes online modules and hands-on Instruction. Instructors will learn the necessary skills and teaching techniques to properly train Pet Parents and Pet Care Professionals in CPR, First Aid & Care. This course includes training in the identification and evaluation of the signs and symptoms a pet may develop and the appropriate actions to be taken for proper emergency medical treatment. The course is taught by presentation, demonstration, and hands-on skills practice.

• PetSaver™ Training
• Instructor Candidate Pow-Wow
• Marketing & Promoting the PetTech® Family of Programs
• PetTech® Product Information
• Instructor Requirements
• Admin Policies & Procedures
• Teaching Techniques
• Lecture Presentation and Course Organization

As a PetTech® Instructor you can make a difference in pets’ lives by teaching the necessary emergency care and health info for dogs and cats.
For more info you can go to:  https://pettech.net/become-an-instructor/


Pet Tech® Opportunity

This is a business opportunity and you will become a Pet Tech® member. What that means is you will have access to an expanded profile page and you can set up your classes wherever and whenever you want. Within a few guidelines, you set the pricing for your classes and no portion of that class fee is paid back to Pet Tech® Corporate. There is no limit to how many times a year you can teach and we don’t issue territories. 

As a licensee you are required to teach the Pet Tech® standards and guidelines we train and you will be authorized to utilize the program when teaching your classes. We keep our rules to a minimum in order to allow you to get out and teach and at the same time making sure our program is consistently taught worldwide to current standards. In order to maintain the Pet Tech® standardization, each student must receive a PetSaver™ Packet. You pay a yearly Licensee Membership fee of $175 and teach at least two classes a year with a minimum of 6 students. We know you will probably teach more but we keep that requirement low as some Instructors are just training staff.
Class Size is limited to 12 students per Instructor. Materials for a class size of twelve (students working in groups of 3) is as follows: Power Point Presentation, 4 stuffed dogs, 4 Bleeding & Muzzling Kits (1 muzzle, 1 rolled gauze, 3-4 x4 gauze pads, 1 triangular bandage and 
1 Tourni-stik), 12 PetSaver™ Student Packets. Estimated start up costs $500-$1000.